Checklist for Overseas Study in Australia

As a student considering staying in Australia for several months to study, there are a number of things you’ll want to consider – from the University at which you will study to the location where you want to live and the stuff you want to do for fun. That’s a lot to take in for a single trip, and yet taking these extra steps will ensure you have that much better of a time on your trip.

How to Start Thinking About Your Trip

Step one is to prepare mentally for your trip. With cities like Melbourne and Sydney consistently ranked among the most liveable in the world and the best destinations for International students, there are a lot of things to like about either but part of your decision will depend on your personality and the type of place you feel you will be most successful.

Here are some things to think about further for that trip:

  • Will You Stay Alone or with a Family – Homestay is a great option when staying in Sydney or Melbourne but it’s not your only option. Which will better suit your expectations from such a trip and make you comfortable.
  • How Long Will You Stay – Are you expecting to be in Australia for 3 months? Six months? A year? The duration will impact and be impacted by a number of factors but make sure you have a clear cut plan in place for what your trip will look like.
  • Is This Purely Educational or Half and Half – As a student your primary goal is to study and learn as much as you can while in Australia, but there are other things to consider. Will you have a job while you visit? Will you set aside time for sightseeing and travel within the country? Do you plan to return home for holidays? This all affects the trip as well as your budget.

By thinking about these things and answering the questions above, you can ensure that the process will be much smoother when you are prepared for your time overseas.

Preparing for a Trip to Australia

After you’ve thought through the process, the next step is to consider what it will take to make your dream trip a reality. There are a lot of logistical steps here to keep in mind including:

  • Visa and Passport – Get the paperwork needed to go on your trip and ensure it is for a student and that you have all the paperwork needed for the University at which you will be studying.
  • Go to the Doctor – Get copies of your medical records, sufficient prescriptions for the trip, and any other documentation needed to get you through your trip.
  • Get Insurance – Check to see what the insurance you have covers while overseas and if needed, purchase supplemental health insurance, as well as travel and accident insurance for your time overseas.
  • Learn More About Your Destination – Part of the fun of your trip will be exploring and getting to know Australia, but take some time in advance as well to learn what you can about your destination. If you are staying with a host family, you’ll have a major benefit here as well.

There are a lot of other factors to keep in mind and prepare for when you get ready for this trip. Allow plenty of time from when you confirm to the departure to go through and make sure you have covered them all. This will be one of the best trips of your life – make sure you are fully prepared for it before you set off.

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